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Pennwriters is a multi-genre writing organization based out of Pennsylvania (but anyone from anywhere can join). Every year, they have a writing conference on one side of the state or the other. This year, it was in Pittsburgh, and since I was free from tuition, I decided to go.

It was a *blast*.

I always enjoy talking to other writers, so getting together with a bunch of them and talking about writing is like a mini vacation. Also, you never know who you're going to run into or what sort of interesting things their doing. Everyone was very nice and generous with sharing information.

The workshop/classes/panels were excellent. The keynote speakers, authors Jacquelyn Mitchard and Jonathan Maberry, were inspiring in different ways. All in all, a conference worth attending and one I'll go to next year (in Lancaster).

Specifically, for me, it reminded me that I am capable. I mean, I know I'm far from perfect... but sometimes I forget that I'm a decent writer.

I took part in a read and critique with Jonathan Maberry and Ginjer Buchanan (Editor-in-Chief of Ace/Roc Books). There were problems (like the first section of the first two pages they thought needed to go) but they also thought my writing was very good. And man, is that's nice to hear. Especially from an EIC of a major imprint and a best-selling author.

I also spoke to an agent who has my full. By only looking at my name tag, she knew my story and gave me a quick rundown on the revise and resubmit she hadn't had the chance to send to me yet.


From reading my name. Yeah.

Needless to say, I'm in a bit of a state of shock. And I have work to do.
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