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...I sailed away to China, on a little row boat to find 'ya, and you said you had to get your laundry clean...

No wait, that wasn't it. This was it:

I dreamt I was a Disney World with a bunch of folks from SHU, and we were on this train ride that had an ice cream place like Cold Stone Creamery. I ordered this fantastic double chocolate brownie ice cream in a cone, and then watched the whole ride while other people got their ice cream, but I never got mine. At the end of the trip, the guy serving sheepishly told me that he had eaten the last of that ice cream after I ordered. Ooops. I demanded my money back, then stormed out.

Then I sat down on a bench and bawled my eyes out. I mean, soul wrenching sobs. Hard enough that there were tears on the lenses of my glasses.

A group of geeky cheerleaders came past (as in, they were geeks, but also cheerleaders) and coaxed the story from me, even after I told them a bunch of times that it was so dumb and I was overreacting. And they just listened. In the end, I told them I felt better, and they were glad, and said goodbye and wandered off.

Then I heard my family whistling for me* and I found them and got in line for a ride.

And I woke up.

The strangest thing is that I had been all angst-filled and stressed before I went to bed, but when I woke up, it was like a great weight had been lifted off me, like I'd had a catharsis, as if I had--well--bawled my eyes out.

I'll take a dream crying jag. I don't really like the real ones.

*My family has this whistle we used to use to call the cats that became the defacto method of finding each other in a crowd.


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