Apr. 20th, 2011

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I don't get writer's block.

I'm pretty much always turning over stories and scenes in my head. That means I always have something to write down. But I have had long stretches where I haven't written, but I don't chalk that up to writer's block.

To me, writer's block is sitting down at the computer and staring at the screen and not having any words come out. I haven't had that happen since my undergrad years. And even then it was more like this: "Oh Carp! I have a short story due in three days! What am I going to write? Aaahh! Ahhh! Ahhhh! Oh wait..." *type* *type* *type*

Yeah, I was a fairly typical 17-21-year-old creative writing major.

Now? There are always words there. I have story ideas that have mated with other story ideas and had litters of plot bunnies.

However, sometimes I don't have the physical energy to get the words out. That's an entirely different issue. It's hard to think when you're bone weary, even if the words are there. And when I do try to write when tired, I spend much of the next session fixing the mixed up words that come out of my fingers.

So I allow myself not to write (or rather I don't feel guilty if I don't write) when I'm too tired to think straight.

There are the times when I haven't thought ahead enough and need to stop and think about what comes next. I have a whole box of little tricks for planning the next sections. Most involve either asking "Ok, so now what would the character do?" or "Ok, what would be the worst possible thing to happen right now?" And then I bullet point actions and reactions for a bit. Then dive back in.

Then there are the dreaded times when I get sucked into non-writing. That is, I get distracted. Not much I can do about that, other than to get out of the house and turn off the wifi card so that I won't get sucked into Twitter or Absolute Write or Facebook or chatting with folks...

Though, my biggest issue at the moment is that I have too many works in progress and not enough free time. I need to get some WIPs off my plate by carving out some time just to spend writing.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering what ever happened to the Thesis Novel (which actually has a title: The Tyras Key), I'm still sending it out. It's in Limbo currently, as I entered it into the Suvudu (Del Rey/Spectra) Writing Contest. They announce winners on May 18th. After that, I'll be jumping back on the query train. I've gotten several nice nibbles and complementary comments, but no great big chomps yet.

It's a long road. The trick is staying on it.

Also: Keep Writing.


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